Season 1: Episode 4 – Unfinished Task in Europe

The Same Commission podcast focuses on aspects of mission you might not have considered before. Whether you are thinking about mission for the first time or you’ve been faithfully serving in or supporting mission – this is the podcast for you! Echoes International’s Jim Armstrong and Matt Pitts meet a new guest each week from the world of mission, learn about a new topic and hear ways in which we can pray effectively. Find out how God is moving across His world and be inspired to follow God’s leading.

Season 1 – Episode 4


with Stephen McQuoid, GLO Europe

Dr Stephen McQuoid is the General Director of GLO Europe and has a passion for reaching secular Europeans with the gospel. He serves at Clyde Valley Community Church and combines this with an itinerant teaching and training ministry both in the UK and abroad.

 “From an encouraging perspective the growth of evangelicalism in Europe is coming from a low start, but it is growing…For example, the French are just one of the most exciting churches in Europe. Through their battles with secularism, you’ve got a generation of young leaders still faithful to Christ – there’s a lot of dynamism that needs to be released and explode” Stephen McQuoid, GLO Europe

Today’s podcast is a wide-ranging discussion of the UNFINISHED TASK IN EUROPE, the issues facing the continent of Europe and how we as believers can respond. Stephen McQuoid talks with Jim and Matt about the church in Europe, reflecting on questions such as ‘isn’t Europe Christian by heritage anyway?’, ‘how does the ‘unfinished task’ relate to Europe?’ and ‘Why should Christians welcome migrants?’.

Podcast participants: Jim Armstrong, General Director, Echoes International, Matt Pitts, Missions Director, Echoes International and Stephen McQuoid, General Director, GLO Europe

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