Magazine Subscription

Echoes International Trustees are pleased to continue to offer the Mission magazine and the Daily Prayer Guide at a reduced rate, in order to encourage a greater number of people to partner with us in prayer.

12 issues of the Echoes International magazine and the DPG are available at the discounted price of £22 for existing UK subscribers.

For any new UK subscriber in 2023, we will offer your first year of subscription for free. If you are a new customer a £22 discount will be applied at checkout – if you increase the price then the extra will be taken as a donation

To add multiple types of subscription to your order, simply select one subscription type below, fill out details and click ‘add to basket’. Then on the next webpage which will appear, click ‘continue shopping’ and go through same process to add another subscription type. You can also adjust the number of subscriptions on the basket page under the ‘Quantity’ column. Once you have added all your subscriptions, click the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.

*It costs £39 per year to produce and print each magazine subscription. So, if paying more for your subscription is something you can afford and would like to do, we are also giving you the option to donate more towards your subscription. Thank you.

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