Season 1: Episode 9 – Suffering for Christ

The Same Commission podcast focuses on aspects of mission you might not have considered before. Whether you are thinking about mission for the first time or you’ve been faithfully serving in or supporting mission – this is the podcast for you! Echoes International’s Jim Armstrong and Matt Pitts meet a new guest each week from the world of mission, learn about a new topic and hear ways in which we can pray effectively. Find out how God is moving across His world and be inspired to follow God’s leading.

Season 1 – Episode 9


With Shahbaz Masih Boota, Pakistan

Shahbaz Masih Boota has been a full-time church leader in the Brethren church in Pakistan for around 10 years. He then joined Zarephath Bible Seminary (ZBS) in 2008 and has served at ZBS in different roles, such as lecturer, Associate Dean, and President of the Seminary until 2022. He is now studying for his Ph.D. He teaches and speaks on Christian Theology in Context, looking particularly at the theology of suffering and persecution in a minority context. 

 By suffering, churches are more motivated, more revived, more strengthened, more focused on prayer and fasting the church is united!” Shahbaz Masih Boota

A difficult topic today for The Same Commission podcast as we look at what it means to suffer as a Christian. Shahbaz shares from his experiences in Pakistan, mentioning in particularly recent events affecting believers in the Punjab province. It might not be a subject we like to dwell on, but suffering has long characterised the Christian’s life and Shahbaz, Jim and Lesley (standing in for our missions director Matt Pitts) reflect on why suffering isn’t in vain.  

Podcast participants: Jim Armstrong, General Director, Echoes International, Lesley de Blieck, Communications Manager, Echoes International and Shahbaz Masih Boota, Pakistan 

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