Slovenia is a challenging mission field. It has been said, ‘The soil is so dry that, if you spit on it, you make a difference.’ Globally, it is one of the countries with the smallest percentage of believers; there are more believers in Bristol than in the whole of Slovenia.

At 17 years old, Sebastian heard of an evangelical church in Ljubljana and visited with his mother, who was Czech and a strong Catholic. Sebastian was impressed by the joy and contentment in those he met. After three months both he and his mother were converted.

While Sebastian served in the army for nine months, God put a burden on his heart for the youth of his country. He was involved in youth work in his local church in Ljubljana while working as a postman. He had been shy but his work transformed him into a more outgoing person. As a young man Sebastian had a brain aneurism. The medics said they could promise nothing but, amazingly, he fully recovered. This has been a great witness to his non-Christian friends.

Sebastian was impressed by the joy and contentment in those he met.

Sebastian met and married Gloria in 2002, after which they spent two years at Belfast Bible College training to be equipped for God’s work in Slovenia. When they returned, they moved to a new town, Radovljica, to start a youth ministry. From this group they planted an evangelical church in an area where there were no believers. Sebastian and his wife have a heart to reach the northwest region of Slovenia, home to 200,000 people.

Pray for Slovenia:

  • for Sebastian and Gloria as they reach out to the northwest region of Slovenia
  • for humble, patient mission workers who are needed to plant churches in unreached areas
  • that the local church and mission workers will serve together to reach the 2 million Slovenians who have not yet heard the gospel.

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