Sewing Seeds

“She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.” Proverbs 31:13

Evangelists and church planters in India are supported through a sewing project, funded by Echoes International. This sewing school works alongside a Bible Institute, training people from villages in four districts of central India.

Given the poor nature of the village churches, this Bible Institute does not charge tuition fees, and costs are covered through fellowship gifts from around India. While the students study the Bible, their families learn how to sew and repair clothes. Income they get from sewing will be used to assist their families, as they encourage church growth when they return to the widely scattered villages. Some church members travel up to 45km from other villages to attend their nearest church.

Our project funded the services of a sewing tutor and the purchase of more sewing machines. Twenty-two women graduated this year, and, through this project, they’ll also have access to community hand-operated sewing machines once they go back home. Over time, they might be able to save enough to buy their own machine. Now families can support themselves and support local fellowships, as they ‘sew’ the Gospel seed. Pray that it falls on good soil.

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