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Project Description

Country: Zambia

Location: Sakeji Mission School


Sakeji Mission School – a rural, private boarding school established in 1925, providing quality education to children of missionaries and Zambians from various backgrounds. Our goal is to share God’s Word, see young people enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and equip them to be leaders in their future families, communities, and nations. Student enrolment is growing with students from grades 1 through 9. Each school year consists of 3 terms of 10-12 weeks each.  The first term runs from January – March, second term from May – July, and third term from September – November.
A qualified and trained nurse is required to be responsible for the medical care of students, missionary staff, and employees and their families using the small private clinic as a base at the school.  This is not a full-time position, so there is time to also be involved in the school activities and community as the Lord leads.

If interested check out their website or email the office.

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