Romania: School Volunteer

Country: Romania

Location: Kairos Mission School

Contact: [email protected]

At Kairos Mission School, they train believers in mission work both for evangelism inside Romania as well as cross-culturally. With COVID-19, they moved online and this greatly increased the ministry with many more people receiving teaching from all over the world, this also increased the workload and need for help. Volunteers are needed to help with any of the following:


  • Publicity (producing English Language publicity and photography, both video and written publicity)
  • Hosting (Using Zoom and Powerpoint to help the professors in his classes, as well as moderating the students)
  • Media (Editing and publishing the online classes on YouTube and/or other platforms).

In Romania:

  • Housekeeping (cleaning and preparing rooms for guests, students clean their own rooms)
  • Secretarial works. (typing, photocopying, correspondence etc)

All volunteers can live and eat at the mission house. Volunteers may also attend some of the evening classes at the school, as well as have opportunities to go on short-term mission trips to surrounding countries.