Project Description

Country: Lebanon

Contact: [email protected]

Lebanon is passing through the worst economic crisis in its history. Local currency has lost around 90% of its value within a period of 18 months. The crisis has affected people at every level of society. The education sector is not exempt from the economic situation as the majority of children attend private schools. Many have lost hope due to the current situation but children and young people have the potential for change in the future. People need hope and schools provide a great opportunity to reach out to children and the wider community.

A school in Lebanon welcomes short-term volunteers for their Support Department. At the moment, there are four teachers working in this department to support students. The aim is that the department will focus on the social/emotional and spiritual needs of the children, as well as addressing other barriers to their academic progress. Volunteers are needed to support children with educational needs in individual and small group situations. The volunteer should also be ready to help with the spiritual aspect of the school with school assemblies and staff devotions. There are many different aspects to the school, so no two days are ever the same! Contact us to explore these opportunities in more detail.