Location: London

Contact: [email protected]

A ministry in a Jewish community in London, which is set up as a health food/community shop, is looking for volunteers to help in their ministry. The shop sells health foods to support the ministry, and in order to attract people to the shop to share the Gospel with them. They offer piano lessons, Italian language lessons and counselling to people from all backgrounds. They also hold weekly Bible studies and individual prayer sessions upon request.

The Ministry is looking for volunteers to help further the work in the following ways:

  • Help with general admin for Ministry
  • Help with admin for the shop
  • Help with painting and decorating of the shop
  • Help with general shop maintenance including cleaning, stocking up shelves, date checks
  • They would like a retired couple who has a retail background and a heart for evangelism to man the shop/Ministry twice a week from 11am to 6.30pm.

Contact the office address for further details.