Our story today is shared by Pat and Cindy Hughes, mission workers who serve in Poland and are associated with our sister organisation in America, Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML).

Magda is a Polish lady who has been a good friend since we met in 2015. One day she attended a church service where my husband and I worshipped. In visiting with her she stated she was raised in the Catholic Church, which is the predominant religion in Poland by well over 90 per cent. It is said ‘To be Polish is to be Catholic.’  However, Magda expressed restlessness in that environment, stating it felt empty. She did not feel that her need and desire to know and grow in the Lord was being met. Magda was seeking.

Shortly after I met Magda, a friend and I began planning an evangelistic retreat for Polish ladies looking to improve their English skills and, more importantly, to explore the Bible. Magda was invited to join us, where everyday a message was shared from the Bible in a short talk followed by small group discussions. She willingly took part in the discussions and even returned for a second camp the following year.

Over the next few years, Magda stopped attending the catholic church. She attended different Bible studies and was growing in faith. Magda accepted Christ as her Saviour and was baptised in March of 2018. After her baptism, she still meets one-on-one to continue the discipleship process and to be encouraged as she grows in Christ. Over the past two years she has committed to attending weekly Bible study and has begun to serve on occasion as a greeter in our local assembly.

God works in the heart, and His timing is perfect!

It can take a long time, sometimes years, for someone to find Christ as their personal Saviour. “But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” (Luke 8:15) We should be encouraged to keep doing our part, sharing and planting His word. God works in the heart, and His timing is perfect!


  • for Magda to continue to grow in her walk, knowledge and love of the Lord and that she will be a light for her family and friends
  • for the people of Poland to know the joy of a personal relationship with Christ the Saviour
  • for wisdom in the growth and development of churches in Poland to better serve and disciple others.

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