Peru today, and we share a story of how God has worked in Claudia’s* life.

I’m Claudia from Peru and I came to know the Lord 27 years ago. After many years of serving in my local church, and with a desire to leave for mission work outside my country, in 2016, God opened the doors for me to go to Africa. This process took many months and was an answer to prayer.

I was in Africa and content, but I experienced various trials, one after another. I had a kidney stone, scabies and a giant tear in my retina which needed various surgeries, long periods of recuperation and a change in activities, including a return from Africa to Peru. My vision has improved, but one eye is permanently affected.

Through all of this, many questions went through my mind: ‘What is happening to me? What is God doing in my life and what is the purpose of all this? ‘

It made me think of Job, his trials and his faith, even when he didn’t understand everything.

I have learned that God is always good

I still don’t have the answers, and maybe I never will, as the mind of God is infinite, and his purposes are sovereign and good. He opens the doors and sets us in each place for his purpose. Doing His will is the priority for all who want to serve Him; to lead people to Christ for salvation and for His glory. It could be in one country or another, but the mission continues the same.

I have learned that God is always good. God knows that we pass through trials of our faith which He permits. In the same way He uses us with our weaknesses for His glory.

Another thing God has shown me in these years, is that it is important for our faith to trust and to rest in Him and to draw strength from him to live joyfully in the midst of any circumstance. For me, it has not been easy to maintain my joy while experiencing constant pain and physical discomfort. However, this joy comes from the Holy Spirit and His Word. This has helped me to continue serving in Peru.

I hope to return to Africa and the process of returning has begun, but I know that His plan and His timing is what counts and comes first.

* name changed to protect identity


  • for people, like Claudia, within Peruvian churches reaching out to their own communities, to other parts of Peru that haven’t heard the gospel and to other countries in the world
  • for cities in Peru, some of which face poverty and are struggling to cope with the influx of Venezuelan refugees
  • for young Christians in their walk with God, to be discipled with solid Bible teaching.