Season 1: Episode 1 – Partnership in the Gospel

The Same Commission podcast focuses on aspects of mission you might not have considered before. Whether you are thinking about mission for the first time or you’ve been faithfully serving in or supporting mission – this is the podcast for you! Echoes International’s Jim Armstrong and Matt Pitts meet a new guest each week from the world of mission, learn about a new topic and hear ways in which we can pray effectively. Find out how God is moving across His world and be inspired to follow God’s leading.

Season 1 – Episode 1


with Al Simms, People International

Al Simms is director of People International, a mission agency reaching out into Central Asia to recruit, train and send new gospel workers to some of the least reached people in the world.

when we talk about wider Central Asia, we’re talking about a Muslim background region of the world, with about 600 million people living there and over 99% of the people there have never heard of a Saviour who died and rose again and offers to bring new life” – Al Simms, People International

In today’s podcast, Jim and Matt discuss with Al Simms the theme of ‘PARTNERSHIP IN THE GOSPEL’. They explore what that means for us today as believers and consider what that looks like on the ground, in places like Central Asia.

Podcast participants: Jim Armstrong, General Director, Echoes International, Matt Pitts, Missions Director, Echoes International and Al Simms, Director, People International

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