North Africa

Today, our story comes from North Africa. For security, we can’t mention the specific country where Fatma lives, so we’ll be praying for the region as a whole.

Fatma,* a poor 12-year-old girl, was sent by her Muslim parents to live with a Christian family to work as a servant.

Fatma was much loved by this Christian family.  As she lived with them she noticed how they love and respect each other.  This was very different from her family where her father treated her mother badly, despised her and beat her.

She also noticed how this family had a personal relationship with God and enjoyed going to worship at church together.  All these differences bought many questions to her mind.

After a few months, she started asking them many questions about God and how she can have a true relationship with Him. It was a wonderful opportunity for the family to share God’s plan for salvation.  A year later, Fatma made a decision to accept Jesus as her Saviour.

She also noticed how this family had a personal relationship with God

When Fatma’s family found out about her new beliefs, they started to punish her.  Fatma was afraid to cause any problems for the family she lived with and so she escaped from the city where she lived and went to another family who opened their house for her. Eventually, Fatma married a Christian man who loves her.  She now serves the Lord among young people and is very gifted in responding to the many enquires by people from her original faith.

*name changed to protect identity


  • for Christian families and new believers, like Fatma, who are witnessing to their neighbours in challenging circumstances in Muslim-majority countries
  • for small Christian churches to have a big impact on their communities and nations, and for the translation of Scripture into local regional languages
  • for digital communication, such as social media, which allows Muslim people to hear the Gospel.

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