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Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 10th June 2019



Evans and Janey – Give thanks that construction has begun on a purpose build mission centre called Mwana Park. This will be the family home, as well as a studio, office block, missionary house and children’s play park. Pray that this will be used by the Lord in the children’s work done by Mwana Mission.


Heber and Fiona – There are a number of members of the church who are going through trials, such as operations or treatment. As well as this, the Lord is working in the lives of people through the church. There have been conversions recently, and there are 10 people interested in baptism. Pray that the church will continue to faithfully serve, even in difficult circumstances.


Walter and Elizabeth (Senior Workers) – After a recent admission to hospital, Walter is now home with a course of medication. He was able to have meaningful conversations with doctors and hospital staff about the Lord and has asked us to pray for them.


Graham and Alison – Give thanks that there are two baptisms taking place this month, where four young people will take this step in their Christian lives. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith, and that the church will be a support and encouragement to them.


Colin and Rosemary – The final Ladies’ Bible Study of this session takes place on Wednesday evening. Pray for Rosemary and the ladies who organise this, and for those who attend, that they would realise their need of salvation and respond to that.



Pray for the Libyan people with the ongoing civil war in the country. The threat of escalating violence along with the economic hardships and dwindling food supplies are affecting six million Libyans.


While 90 percent of the population identify as Muslim, the reach of the gospel has grown in recent years through radio, television and translation work. There are only a handful of believers and the church has little influence in the country. Pray that these gospel opportunities would bear fruit.

Please join with us in praying for these matters.