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Prayer Points 14th June 2021

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Josh and Keri – Baby Daniella is due to have a check-up today (Monday), which will determine whether the family can travel back to DRC. Pray that they would wait on the Lord’s timing, and for Daniella’s continued recovery from surgery.


Timothy and Joy – Recently they have had opportunities to show the Jesus film in some of the local villages, which often draws a large crowd. Following the film, they give a short Gospel presentation and invite people to respond. They have had encouraging conversations with some.


Jeff and Denise – Jeff and Denise would value prayer for wisdom as they serve Him in their community in Foz do Iguaçu, despite the ongoing rise in Covid-19 cases. Pray that they would know the Lord’s protection on them and blessing in their work.


Allan and Anne – Thirty contributors, including some new ones, took part in a recent online workshop for the Gospel calendar. They were able to look together at some of the challenges, and to encourage one another in the work. Pray for this important ministry in the months and years ahead.

David and Brigitte – David continues to meet young adults from the local Cambodian church for Bible study, as well as holding training sessions for the elders of this same church. Pray that this will bear much fruit for the Lord.

Alan and Valerie – Give thanks for the new church building in Rambouillet, which has been in use now for four months, and for the blessing this is to the believers. Pray the Lord would use the fellowship that meet there to reach many lost souls in the area.

Gerry and Dorothy – This month there will be three baptisms taking place at the church; a young girl aged 15, a young man who married a Christian and recently came to faith and a man in his forties who has had a difficult background. Give thanks for their willingness to be baptised and pray they would grow in their faith.



The situation in Tigray, in the north of the country, where rebel groups have sought to overthrow the government, has resulted in people living in difficult conditions. Many suffer from starvation, with some reports of kidnapping and families being separated. Pray for peace in this troubled region.


With violence and killings continuing in the north of the country, an estimated 300 children have been displaced and are in need of shelter and safety. Most of these children have witnessed the death of their parents and are vulnerable to further danger. Pray that this desperate situation would come under control and the people will know peace and safety.


Uganda is currently experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 cases, with a recent daily figure of 52,935 infections recorded. Leaders have just announced a six-week extensive lockdown, including a curfew in place from 9pm to 5.30am. Pray for those suffering in this country, and that people would follow advice to limit the spread of Covid.


The economic situation in the country continues to cause concern, with shortages of necessary things like food, medical supplies and fuel. Fuel shortages make it difficult to travel throughout the country. Pray that those in leadership would be able to help those most in need.

Please join us in praying for these matters.