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Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 15th April 2019



Eglon and Judith (Senior Workers) – Eglon and Harris will be running a young people’s camp from Monday 22 to Friday 27 April. Pray for them, and that the Lord will speak to those attending in a special way.


Jonathan and Jingle – Some young men and women that Jonathan and Jingle are mentoring are planning to plant a church. They have asked for guidance as they recognise their need of wisdom and experience to carry this through. Pray that Jonathan and Jingle might be an encouragement to these young people with a heart for the lost.


Michael and Shirley – Shirley and Michael would appreciate prayer for their annual Easter Bible Camp this weekend with 60 young people.  Pray for salvation, encouragement of young believers and for safety.


Giovanni and Hannah – There are a number of non-Christian students who come to the café Bible study organised by the Christian Union. Coming from different backgrounds, they split into groups according to their language and look at John’s gospel. Pray for this work done with the students.


Peter and Mhairi – Peter and Mhairi would value prayer for outreach events taking place over the Easter weekend in Renacer. Pray that those who attend, who don’t know the Lord, would hear His voice and trust in Him.



Pray for Sudan, as this country experiences further unrest and protests. The leader Omar-al-Bashir has just been replaced after 30 years in power.


Pray for India during their national election process, which started on 11 April and concludes on 19 May 2019. Pray that the Gospel is not hindered further and for the leaders of this amazing nation of almost 1.3 billion people.


Macedonia has been an independent country since 1991. Society is strongly influenced by the Orthodox Church. Evangelicals are viewed as a sect and have limited freedom to witness to others. Despite this, the church is growing. There is a need for Bible study materials and literature.

Please join with us in praying for these matters.