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Prayer Points 24th January 2022

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Jean-Luc and Rita – Jean-Luc needs to buy eight batteries for solar panels, which they rely heavily upon for the electricity supply. This means a 1200km round trip during rainy season. Pray the trip will go safely in difficult conditions.

Les and Jean – The wife of one of the Bible School leaders in Nyangombe was in hospital recently for a major operation on her leg. While she came through that surgery, she is now back in hospital with concerns for her other leg. Pray for this couple in these hard circumstances.


Adam and NuNu – Continued heightened tensions in Myanmar have brought airstrikes close to the border with Thailand, bringing a new influx of refugees. Pray the Christian community would be strengthened to offer support to those in need.


David and Brigitte – Brigitte is now entering the final phase of editing and compiling the daily meditations for the gospel calendars. Pray the Lord will sustain her and encourage her in this work.

Alan and Valerie – Pray for those involved with the teaching programme for future leaders in the church, and for those who attend. There is a great need for gifted young people to take up responsibilities of caring and of pastoral leadership.

Gerry and Dorothy – The Christian bookshop is a collection point for the local post office, so the shop has many visitors who are not believers. Staff distribute greeting cards and calendars to those who visit and the material is gladly accepted. Pray the Lord will speak through these encounters.


Jesús and Helen – Give thanks that new people are coming to church through the work of the clothing ministry. Pray the Lord will continue to bless this initiative, and those in need will see the love of God displayed in this practical way.


Peter and Jenny – Please pray for J. and D. following the death of their daughter Miriam who was in Israel for heart surgery. Miriam was in a coma for a couple of months following the operation and has now gone to be with the Lord. Pray also for Peter who will travel to Rwanda on Wednesday for the first time in two years.


Watch this short video* to encourage prayer for Luxembourg

  • Pray for the power of the living Christ to triumph over materialism.
  • Pray for the Word to be available in the local language, Lëtzebeurgesch.
  • Pray for healing of suspicious attitudes toward Christians.

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At least 13 people have died after a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle in the south-west of the country. The truck was on its way to a gold mine when the crash took place. The homes of more than 380 people have also been destroyed. Pray for all affected by this accident.


Christians in Afghanistan face increasing persecution just for practicing their faith. Most have fled the country, but any that are found face being detained and interrogated. Pray the Lord’s people would be protected, strengthened and encouraged in difficult circumstances.

Please join us in praying for these matters.