Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 12th August 2019



Mary (Senior Worker) – Mary has asked for prayer for a ladies’ conference taking place in the area from Monday to Friday this week. Pray that many will come and listen to God’s Word and be challenged by it.


Heber and Fiona – Heber and Fiona would appreciate prayer for CRECER, a mission training weekend for young people which takes place this weekend. Pray for those giving the training and that the young people who attend will catch a vision for their role in mission.


Andrew and Lorna – Give thanks for the children, teenagers and adults who attended various activities during the two-week summer mission in Enniscorthy. Pray that they would respond to the seed that was planted and return when the activities start again in the church in September.

Andrew and Gillian –A team of 11 from Northern Ireland will be arriving on Friday, where they will help at the Cappamore Agricultural show on Saturday and then a children’s club each morning the following week. They will also be involved in other gospel outreaches throughout the week as they try to reach out into the local community. Pray for salvation during these activities.

John and Linda – Pray for this family as they prepare to leave Limerick on 21 August to return to Northern Ireland. Pray for them as they adjust to a new situation, set up home and settle as a family.



A landslide in South-eastern Myanmar has killed 59 people, with fears this number could rise. The landslide occurred after days of torrential rain in Mon state. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from homes and are seeking shelter wherever they can. Pray for those affected, and for the work required to repair homes and, in some cases, build new ones.


Pray for Hong Kong, as protests continue and the airport was closed by disruptions. Pray for restraint to prevail in the midst of tensions between protestors and police.


Fighting continues in Yemen, with separatists having taken the port city of Aden. Almost 10,000 have been killed in the war, with millions of people suffering through food shortages. Pray for organisations seeking to help, and for an end to the warfare.

Please join us in praying for these matters.