Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 20th January 2020



Walter and Elizabeth (Senior Workers) – Walter and Elizabeth are serving alongside three younger couples who live nearby. Pray that they would be an encouragement and source of guidance to these younger couples. Remember Walter with his recent poor health.

John and Claudete – John hopes to take Bibles and materials to four schools and a prison situated along the Negro river in April, and is currently preparing for this. Prayer is needed for safe conditions along the river. Pray that John and his colleague will be able to reach children and adults who have a hunger for the Word.


Alan and Valerie – Give thanks that the purchase of the new church building in Rambouillet has now been finalised. There is renovation work to be carried out before the building can be used. Pray for this and that the outreach of the church will be blessed.

Gerry and Dorothy – There are several teenagers who have attended Sunday School growing up but as yet have not made a commitment to the Lord. Pray that they would see the need for this and allow the gospel to change their lives.


Ken and Alison – Ken is currently in Peru, training new leaders in summer schools. He will also be visiting a number of local churches before returning to Spain on 3 February. Pray that he will be an encouragement to the believers there and for safety in travel.


Benji and Gill – Benji will be travelling to New Zealand and Fiji to visit and speak at several churches. He hopes to leave on 4 February and return to Canada early in May. Pray for safety as he travels and for blessing as he preaches and teaches.


Our Director Jim Armstrong, Trustee John Gamble and social media co-ordinator Nathaniel Fisher travel to North India this week. Pray for safety as they travel, that they would pass through security without any issues and that they would be a blessing to all they meet.



There is significant shortage of food in this part of Africa following flooding last year, which affected crop harvesting. Shops and marketplaces cannot meet the demand and, in many places, prices have risen too high for people to afford. Pray that aid would reach those in need.


Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, with almost half the population working abroad. Russian influence has left a legacy of atheism and Eastern Orthodoxy, and any evangelical Christian faith is largely nominal. Freedom of religion means there are opportunities to spread the gospel, with a need for evangelists and Bible teachers.

Please join us in praying for these matters.