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Prayer Points 27th June 2022

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As the days and weeks roll on it is apparent to all that the war in Ukraine is not going to end quickly. While politicians/Prime Ministers, Heads of State and Presidents visit Ukraine to have talks, the impact on ordinary folk continues:

  • Homes/schools and buildings bombed and ruined,
  • Thousands with no means of income, with large parts of the east of the country under siege,
  • Families living with the constant threat of attack in their homes or,
  • People displaced in other parts of the country or to foreign countries.

Many in Europe will be considering holidays and a break from work at this time – millions in Ukraine just don’t have this luxury.

This week we agreed the following gifts:

  • A second gift for a doctor in Ukraine involved in training across the country.
  • An additional gift to another individual based in Romania coordinating humanitarian aid to the East of Ukraine using minibuses. Up until this point he is taking nothing to cover his own expenses – we have provided a gift to help him continue what he is doing.
  • Follow-up gifts to two medical agencies in Ukraine which we have been supporting since the start of the war. Both are providing important medicines and antibiotics to doctors, clinics, hospitals and on-field medics.

Week after week we are hearing stories of great suffering alongside huge sacrifices from men and women determined to help where they can. If you wish to contribute to the joint fund, please follow the link:



Stephen and Gill – Stephen and Gill would appreciate prayer for a couple who have attended the church services for a few months and have now requested baptism. Pray the church leaders would be able to explain clearly what this involves and encourage them to fully trust Christ and obey Him in this way.


Jeff and Denise – Jeff was seen by the heart doctor last week, who was pleased with the results of the latest tests. The doctor also indicated that further brain tests are not needed at this time. Give thanks for these recent improvements and continue to pray for Jeff’s health.


Enris and Sylvia – Give thanks for encouragement in the youth work at the church, who have just finished studying the first eight chapters of Romans. Some of the students will now return to their homes over the summer. Pray they will be a bold and effective witness for the Lord.


Alain and Christine – Christine is translating into French a course on Matthew’s gospel. This will then be passed to Alain to check. Pray this will be a blessing to many in the French-speaking world.


Andrew and Gillian – A small group Bible study is being planned for those who attended The Beacon drop-in which takes place in the community. Pray this will result in good conversations about the Bible and the gospel, resulting in salvation and discipleship.


Pray for Ian Burness, as he prepares for his talk A Legacy for the Future, which takes place on 15 July in Liverpool and online. More information here:


Watch this short video* to encourage prayer for Kyrgyzstan

  • Pray for people to find true hope in Jesus rather than from a secular government.
  • Pray for the small Church to mature in faith and stand strong against evil.
  • Pray for courage for cultural Muslims who are open to Jesus but who are fearful of potential persecution if they follow Him.

*Click on the link to open external website



Pray for churches facing continuing militant jihadi attacks in Nigeria, following an attack last month at a church in Ondo state, Nigeria, where at least 40 people were killed and more than 100 people were also injured. Pray for protection for the Lord’s people, and that they will remain strong in the faith.


Pray for the people of Afghanistan who are affected by last week’s earthquake, which claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people. Hospitals are struggling to cope with those in need of medical attention. Tremors and aftershocks continue to be felt long after the initial quake. Pray that those in most need will be able to receive aid and medical help.

Please join us in praying for these matters.