Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 7th October 2019



Andy and Eira – A number of teenage boys have shown an interest recently in the Bible, with some talking about baptism. Pray that Andy and Eira, as well as the wider church, will be able to encourage these young people and disciple them wisely.


Alain and Christine – Alain has two preaching engagements this month, in Lannion and in Paimpol. There will also be a church weekend away this coming weekend – pray that this will be a time of spiritual blessing for the church.


Andrew and Gillian – At the recent National Ploughing Championships, a young man, C. and his girlfriend, M. came to the stand and asked questions relating to Heaven and salvation. The believers shared the gospel with them and gave them literature. Pray for them, and the many others who heard the gospel at this event.


At Echoes International we have advertised for a new Senior Assistant Accountant to join the Finance Team in the Bath office. Pray that the Lord would provide a suitable person for this key role.



Zambia has seen rapid economic growth and social change in recent years. The government are supportive of mission and evangelism within the country and the gospel has spread far and wide. However, there is a need, now and in the coming years, for Bible teaching and discipleship for the next generation.


Continue to pray for the Bahamas and the clear up following the hurricane which hit the country last month. As well as the initial hurricane, there were tropical storms which followed, adding to the devastation.


Protests continue in Hong Kong as police and activists clash in demonstrations that are becoming more and more violent. Pray for a peaceful conclusion soon and that the uncertainty will end.

Please join us in praying for these matters.