Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 2nd December 2019



Heber and Fiona – Give thanks that a couple who became Christians in May will be getting married and baptised this month. Several have been invited to these services who have heard the gospel before but struggle to believe that Christ is the only Saviour. Pray that they will trust in Christ for salvation.


James (Senior Worker) – There are a number of young people and children who attend the church but who are not believers. Pray that God would speak to their hearts and that they would trust Him while they are still young.


Anita and Kathleen – Give thanks that Anita and Kathleen were able to fly to Cartagena despite strikes. There they witnessed the baptism of M. along with 13 others. Pray that M., and those just baptised, will grow and mature in their faith.


Peter and Peggy (Senior workers) – Peter and Peggy will be involved in outreach activities in the lead up to Christmas. Pray for them as they share Christ, and His birth, in this non-Christian environment.


Alain and Christine – Pupils from the local high school pass by the church each day, so believers plan to set up a table to offer hot drinks and cakes, while sharing with them the message of Christmas. Pray that this will result in some coming to the events at the church to learn more about Christ.



14 people have been confirmed to have died after a shooting at a church in Burkina Faso on Sunday. This follows years of religious and ethnic unrest in the country which has resulted in various attacks such as this one. Pray for peace for the people of Burkina Faso.


Pray for Albania following last week’s devastating earthquake which took the lives of at least 46 people and injured more than 600. Several smaller tremors have been felt daily since, with many sleeping on the streets or in their cars due to damage to their home. Pray that aid will get to those most in need and for the effort to restore what has been damaged.


Protests and demonstrations continue into a second month, bringing road closures and economic hardship. The protests remain relatively peaceful. Pray that there would be an agreement made at government level to end this situation.

Please join us in praying for these matters.