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Prayer Points 8th April 2024

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Stephen and Gill – A few weeks ago it was mentioned that MI’s husband came under conviction of sin and was discussing the gospel. Praise God he has now trusted Christ for salvation and was baptised along with his wife on Easter Sunday. Pray this couple will grow in the Lord.


Stuart and Wendy – Pray for Stuart and Wendy as they deal with multiple family illnesses at present. In addition to this, Stuart’s dad passed away last weekend. Wendy and Talia had just returned from a visit to the UK and Stuart will be returning to the UK for his father’s funeral. Please pray for the whole family and in particular Stuart’s mother.

David and Lorraine – David would value prayer following the Home-call of his mother last week. Pray he will know the Lord’s comfort and presence at this time, and for the wider family as they mourn her passing.

Jon and Jo – The mission plane is now in Lusaka awaiting administrative permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly again. Pray that this would be done quickly as there are flights planned in the next month.


Mark and Carol – Give thanks for the work Mark and Carol offer in counselling those with addictions and long-term issues. Pray they will be helped and supported in this work, as they point to Christ as the answer to the problem of sin.


Graham and Alison – Give thanks for open doors among people from a Muslim background, with a meal planned to take place on 21 April. Pray those who have trusted Christ will be strengthened in their faith, and for opportunities to evangelise.

David and Brigitte – A student recently stayed with David and Brigitte who, although not a believer, is very interested in the Christian faith. She attended church and was given a book containing portions of the Bible. Pray the Lord will speak to her and draw her to Himself in faith.


As we seek someone to fill the role of Website and Admin Coordinator, we would value prayer for the Lord’s leading during the recruitment process. Information can be found on our website here


Open Doors World Watch List ranking: 4

Of the 3.7 million people living in Eritrea, 1.7 million identify as Christians. However, these denominations are heavily monitored by the authoritarian government. Evangelical Christians are at risk of persecution and interference from authorities. Church leaders are particularly vulnerable to raids and arrest. It is estimated up to 1,000 Christians are currently detained for their faith. Conversions from Islam or the approved Christian denominations are met with intense pressure. One convert, who enthusiastically shared his newfound faith, lost his job, his freedom and eventually his life. Pray for strength and courage for those believers who live out their faith in Christ despite the cost.

Information courtesy of Open Doors



Taiwan has been affected by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, the strongest recorded in 25 years. More than 200 aftershocks have caused landslides, with the east of the island most affected. Nine people are known to have died, with up to 1,000 injured and some still stranded and in need of aid.

Please join us in praying for these matters.