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Latest Daily Prayer

Prayer Points 18th February 2019



Andy and Eira – Recently Andy took a heart attack and following admittance to hospital in Lusaka it seemed that there was damage to his heart. He then travelled to Johannesburg to undergo an operation to place stents in one of his arteries. There was then a further ECG and ultrasound taken which showed no history of a heart attack and no damage to the heart. Give thanks for this incredible answer to prayer and continue to pray for Andy’s recovery.


Bob and Lenore – H. from Madagascar became a Christian after attending Bible studies at the local church. She has felt the Lord leading her to serve at a Christian primary school in North Africa. She will make the move in the next month totake up the position of headmistress of the school. Pray that the move will go well, and she will be a blessing to the children there.


Ken and Alison – Ken and Alison would value prayer for translation and editing work in which they are involved. Ken is editing work for the Bible Teaching Centre in Madrid, while Alison is translating into Spanish. Pray that this would benefit the church in Spain.



There is widespread anger after presidential elections were postponed hours before polls were due to open. Both the president and his rival have expressed dismay and accused each other of underhand tactics. The vote is now expected to take place on 23 February. Pray for peace and stability in this West African country.


A referendum is due to take place this week to ratify a new constitution that would limit the protection of Christians. In the lead up to this vote, religious leaders are facing pressure by government officials to vote for this new constitution. Pray for wisdom for these leaders, and that freedom to hold and live by Christian values would be upheld.


Christians are in the minority in this Muslim-majority country and are being targeted. Nevertheless, the church is growing in the face of persecution, particularly among children and young people. Pray for strength for believers, and for wisdom as to how best to evangelise safely and effectively.

Please join with us in praying for these matters.