The land of Myanmar in southeast Asia has gone through upheaval over the past few years. It is a difficult place to be a believer and much is done to stop Christianity spreading – but nothing can hold back the true gospel.

A* testified: ‘I was brought up in a nominal Christian family. My father told me that, as Christians, we did not need to attend the church as we will automatically get to Heaven. When I was sick and almost died, I worried that I would go to Hell. In Yangon Hospital, B* shared the gospel with me every day. I realised that I am a sinner and invited Jesus Christ into my heart. Ever since, I have had peace, joy and the assurance of salvation. I am praying for the salvation of my family and friends. By God’s grace, I have recovered from my sickness. Praise the Lord!’

Ever since, I have had peace, joy and the assurance of salvation

*names changed to protect identities


  • for protection of new converts in Myanmar, particularly those from Buddhist families, who face opposition and persecution
  • for believers who are evangelising and planting churches in unreached areas
  • for ethnic minorities in Myanmar, like the Rohingya people who still face discrimination and exile.