Today we are praying for the country of Myanmar. In this largely Buddhist nation, Christianity is not welcomed by the government, and Christians often face persecution and suffering. However, today’s story is one of joy in the midst of suffering!

Celebrate with us, as Mr Aung Khiang* was recently baptised.

A Myanmar Christian, brother Thura* who is working in a predominantly Buddhist region of Myanmar, shared the gospel with Aung.

Aung, who is from a Buddhist family, realised that he was a sinner and could not be saved by good works, but that Jesus Christ had already paid the penalty of his sins on the cross.

He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord and was baptised in February 2018.

Give thanks for his public commitment to Christ. Pray for Aung’s walk with the Lord, in this difficult country for Christian converts.

Aung…realised that he was a sinner and could not be saved by good works

*names changed to protect identities


  • for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Myanmar, where churches are not allowed to be registered and are often destroyed
  • for evangelists like Brother Thura who are reaching out to their non-Christian neighbours and friends in this isolated and remote country to share the gospel with them
  • for the Rohingya people who have fled to neighbouring countries, and for peace to come to Myanmar amid growing racial segregation.