We travel to Myanmar today for a short testimony. It isn’t easy being a believer in Myanmar but, in spite of suffering, people are turning to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

One new convert, Thura,* testified, ‘I was brought up in a nominal Christian family, but I did not have the assurance of salvation. I had been an alcoholic for a long time. I was in the army for 14 years but, due to health problems, I had to resign. My health was so bad that I was in hospital.

‘My wife, who is a born-again believer, and other believers prayed for me. The Lord graciously answered their prayers and I recovered. After understanding the truth about sin and salvation, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I dedicated my life to be a faithful follower of Christ and was baptised. To God be the glory! Please pray for my spiritual growth.’

I dedicated my life to be a faithful follower of Christ

*names changed to protect identities

Pray for Myanmar:

  • for believers like Thura, who are brought up in nominal households, that they would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • for evangelists who share the gospel, at great personal cost, to the Buddhist majority in Myanmar
  • for leaders in Myanmar, that they might grant Christians freedom to worship in peace.

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