Today, we focus on the story of a girl called Noi,* born in the country of Laos, in Southeast Asia. Laos’ citizens have faced much persecution over the past forty years. Foreigners left the country in the 1970s after the Vietnam war (and even now there are travel restrictions within the country). The Laos church faces many difficulties in sharing the Gospel in this poor and landlocked country.

This is the story of one young Laos woman, Noi.

She is a believer in her early twenties and decided to go to university to train as a teacher.

Her ambition is to graduate as a teacher and work in one of the Northern provinces, near the Chinese border. This is a dangerous area for Christians, but she wishes to teach the Laos people both education and about God’s love for them, through Jesus Christ.

She is bold in proclaiming the gospel and says that she is willing to sacrifice everything.

*name changed to protect identity


  • for courageous believers in Laos, like Noi, and for boldness and wisdom as they share their faith in difficult circumstances
  • for the persecuted church in Laos, and for mission workers who are reaching out creatively to the Laos people in many ways
  • for the current training and discipleship of church leaders, which is desperately needed.