Kathleen & Anita’s Story

Sisters Kathleen and Anita love spending time with their large family of local Colombian children they raised between 1984 and 2008.

In serving the Lord, they also open the doors of their home in Colombia to a wide variety of people; from drug lords and addicts to ex-guerilla warriors, devout catholics, evangelical pastors, divorcees, new-agers, Satanists, ex-paramilatary, rebellious tenagers, the gender-confused and the suicidal.

What would bring these people with vastly different life experiences to the home of a couple of Christian women not from their local area?

Most of them are at a crisis point in their lives and are looking for answers, guidance and direction. Kathleen and Anita counsel and mentor them, teaching them from the Bible. To these sisters, mission work is not just confined to a Sunday or to a church building – it is a long term project of care and time given towards people who reach out for help.

“We don’t have to have the answers because we know the One who does. The answer is Christ. It’s all about Him.”

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