Jon & Jo Lake’s Story

In Zambia husband and wife team Jon and Jo Lake are bringing much needed medical care and services to local communities both on land and in the skies…

Jo works as a midwife in a hospital: caring and ensuring mothers and babies are properly looked after and welcomed into the world with all the love of God. She ensures that poorly babies receive the care and help they need.

Jon takes to the skies regularly, flying for Mission Flight Services, collecting important medicines and transporting patients to ensure sufficient and effective standards of medical care are performed. Of course, it’s rather handy being able to fly a plane and therefore Jon’s role doesn’t end with medical care… serving local communities in any way needed, spreading God’s Word, work and of course love.

Jon and Jo’s story is inspiring and really shows the amazing impact God’s work can have in far reaching communities.

“To us mission is not about what country you’re in, but about the joy of seeing the work of the Lord in every part of our lives.”

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