Hope in the Storms of Life

For almost 10 years, mission partners Andy and Gillian have displayed a Christmas message on a billboard by the roadside in the Irish town of Newcastle West. These have become more and more popular over the years, with a representative of the company who installs the signs calling them a ‘message of hope’.

With lockdown approaching following the spread of Covid-19, they organised a sign to display to people, with a message of hope during uncertain times. Entitled ‘Hope in the storms of life’, the sign includes a Bible verse along with a striking background image. Recognising the Word of God as authoritative and powerful to bring hope in times of chaos, the prayer is that people will be prompted to have a desire to read the Bible and meet the Lord Jesus for themselves.

With many church buildings closing their doors, the Word of God has not been restricted, with this just one example of the Bible speaking in a public way to many people in this part of Ireland.

…a message of hope during uncertain times


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