GLO Mission Teams 2018

by Judith McKeown

Judith is the administrator for GLO mission teams; she is also involved in the organisation of student placements at Tilsley College.

Mission teams have always been a significant part of GLO strategy. Not only do they contribute to front-line evangelism, but they are also a good discipleship tool as team members grow spiritually through service. We have 35 summer teams in 2018, a significant number, running between February and September.


We have two teams going to Albania in 2018. In this Muslim-majority country, with a very young population by European standards, both teams will be involved in outreach to adults, children and youth. An international evening will also feature in the programme, as well as a visit to an orphanage. The team will work alongside GLO workers Juli and Ela Muhameti, and Ermal and Denisa Bimaj (national workers).


Our largest team is in Belgium. The team will work with local churches in Brussels and will be involved in street evangelism, including flash mobs, drama, literature distribution and children’s work. The city is bustling and so much of the evangelism will impact the international community as well as local people.


The first summer team in Chad offers an exciting new opportunity to be involved in a children’s camp, alongside the possibility of humanitarian work with street children and in HIV awareness.

Czech Republic

This team is led by Roger Brind, founder of The Philadelphia Trust, which carries out extensive work in Eastern Europe. The focus is on teaching English as a tool to ‘gossip the gospel’. There will be language camps for both children and adults, as well as outreach events in the evening, including a film night and a ‘British Night’.


There are two possibilities to serve in France with GLO Europe in 2018. In July there is the opportunity in Rambouillet, on the outskirts of Paris, to join Alan and Valerie Kyle, who have been hosting GLO teams for many years. GLO workers Philippe and Marie-Christine Perrilliat are hosting a team in the prestigious university city of Aix-en-Provence, where there will be the opportunity to work with students through the promotion of the University Student Ministry.


We have two teams visiting Hungary, one in the beautiful university city of Eger and another in the small town of Dömös. The team in Eger will be involved in children’s work, literature distribution and open-air ministry. The team in Dömös will focus mainly on evangelism through a holiday club and an English language programme. In both cases, the team will work with a small church that needs help to reach out to the community.


This is going to be a busy summer for GLO Italy! There are eight teams serving in a variety of places, including in Naples, Sicily, and the Avellino and Basilicata regions. These are exciting opportunities to be part of pioneer mission work. There are two teams in the Avellino region, working with our GLO workers, Patrizio and Jennifer Zucchetto, as they launch a new church plant. The team in Naples will have a particular focus on refugee work, and will be assisting Luca and Anca Illiano (national worker/Romania) and Emiliano Gattulli (national worker) in Mergellina.

Republic of Ireland

GLO workers Andrew and Lorna Burt host a two-week team with their church, Enniscorthy Christian Fellowship. The team will participate in children’s and youth work, including a family fun day, and will have the opportunity to be involved in church services.


The focus of this team is on reaching children with the good news of Jesus Christ through a holiday club programme. There will also be an opportunity to be involved in an international evening.


For those who enjoy working with children and teenagers through camp work, this is a great opportunity to share your faith through teaching the Bible and English, and playing games and sports.


GLO workers George and Lidia Sortan, and Dani and Doina Vasilca (national workers), host a summer team, which mainly focuses on children’s outreach in a variety of towns and villages.


We have two teams in Spain this summer. One will involve working alongside two church plants in the Galicia region. The main part of the programme will comprise supporting and re-establishing their children’s and youth ministry. The other team will be in Barcelona, where members will be able to be part of an Olympic-themed children’s club, as well as street drama and an international evening.


GLO has ten mission teams running in the UK this year, including four in Scotland, one in Wales, four in Northern Ireland and one in London. GLO workers Bobby and Mairi Sneddon (UK) will lead a team in Johnstone supporting the work of Dimity Street Church, concentrating on children’s work. Mark and Shirley Davies (UK) will have a team to work alongside Highgate International Church in North London, where they hope to build contacts in the community through a children’s holiday club and one-to-one conversations in their drop-in cafe. There will also be a GLO team serving alongside the Northfield Bible Weeks in Newcastle, County Down.

Mission teams not only provide support to the mission workers on the ground, but play a significant role in the discipleship of team members, as well as inspiring a new generation for involvement in mission at home and abroad. Bible teaching is also a very important part of a GLO team; pray that we would find the right people to lead the teams and provide the Bible teaching.

Pray for the people to fill the teams. Why not join one of these yourself? Join us in playing a part in reaching Europe for Christ.

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