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Purpose of Gift:

What is GIFT AID?

Echoes International is a registered charity and therefore is able to take advantage of the Government supported Gift Aid scheme. This scheme allows us to claim back 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1.00 donated.

Visit the HMRC Giving to charity through Gift Aid web site for details.

What types of gift can be given?

Gifts for Individuals. A large proportion of gifts sent through the office are designated by the donors for specific individuals, usually a missionary known to them. These gifts are passed on in full to that person’s account and sent to them during the third week of every month. No deduction whatsoever is made by Echoes for administration unless instructed by the donor.

Finance given is crucial for worker support. In the past 2-3 years, given the economic downturn and the rate of exchange of other currencies against sterling, income to mission workers has fallen by around 30%. The majority of workers associated with Echoes International have no regular income. They are not salaried but depend on God’s provision through gifts from His people. Regular giving to workers through Echoes enables them to remain in ministry. Gifts made to provide for daily needs are a significant encouragement.  When gifts are sent to support the poor and marginalised, small amounts can make a significant difference. Likewise, gifts for national workers serving in their home countries are of real value in providing for ministry costs and for their families. Today we have made giving easier than ever before by offering a variety of methods for you to contribute to mission workers, projects and disasters.

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