Give through your Will

Over the years the generosity of God’s people has made mission work possible. Through prayer and giving, this continues today.

Through legacies Echoes International has benefited greatly and without these generous funds we would be unable to support the wonderful work going on at home and around the world.

Giving in this manner will allow us to

  • Provide vital, monthly support to partners in the Daily Prayer Guide
  • Respond quickly to a range of urgent individual and ministry needs
  • Invest in the training of indigenous leaders who will carry the work on into the future
  • Evangelise and educate children across the world who are the church of tomorrow
  • Provide an immediate response to unexpected needs in hospitals, clinics and other situations

If you’d like to leave a gift from your estate and continue to impact mission even after The Lord takes you, then it is possible to do this by leaving part of (or your whole) estate. You can select to support mission work in general or a specific project.

If you’d like further information or guidance on this kind of contribution please get in touch with Echoes International to discuss further or if you’d like more information.

Contact The Operations Director at Echoes International if you would wish to discuss this or require more information.

Phone Number: 07585669891
Email: [email protected]