How to Give

The generosity and support of God’s people enables mission partners to carry out fantastic work with God. Our God has proven through the centuries that He will supply.

If you wish to give to the work of mission, please click on the buttons below to direct your gift.

Echoes International is a registered charity and therefore is able to take advantage of the Government supported Gift Aid scheme. This scheme allows us to claim back 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1.00 donated. If you qualify for Gift Aid, a Declaration Form can be downloaded below. Please send this to [email protected] and this can be applied to your gift. Visit the HMRC Giving to charity through Gift Aid website for details.

If you would like to begin giving reglarly, you can download the standing order form below, fill this out then return to [email protected].

If you are sending your gift by on-line banking for the first time please let us know your or your church’s name and the names of any beneficiaries. If there is not enough room on the on-line banking form, then please send us an email to [email protected] with these details on. We want to get your gift to your intended beneficiary as soon as possible, and this will help us enormously.

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