Long Term Opportunities

God has been calling people to mission for centuries. Since 1872, more than 6,200 mission workers have responded to His call from the UK and still today, His heart is and always has been in mission.

Do you have a skill that could make a lasting difference in a community? Want to see how God’s Word and work over time can really change lives? If so then we have a selection of Long Term Opportunities to get involved in. These opportunities we highlight are sent to us by mission partners and other mission organisations. Anyone taking up these mission opportunities is not contracted to or directed by Echoes International.

Going as an Individual?

We’ve got lots of opportunities if you’re looking to serve as an individual. We’re always ready to answer any questions, offer advice and support before, during and after your mission so that going as an individual does not mean going alone.

Going as a Group?

We also have opportunities if you’ve decided to serve with other people. We’ll still be on hand to offer constant support and guidance to you and those you are serving with.

Long Term Opportunities

See below all of the current Long Term Opportunities that you could get involved with.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch: [email protected].