Suggested Songs

Here are some suggested songs to use alongside the mission stories featured in Mission Expedition.

You could sing along with them or play them on the piano or guitar, if you have the sheet music for them. Children could clap their hands or play percussion instruments along to the music.

Please note that these are external videos and therefore not managed by Echoes International; we are not responsible for their content or ads. Please check each video before you share it with children or young people to ensure that you are happy with the content and words of this music, and that the style is appropriate for your own context.

Story 1 – I have decided to follow Jesus

This video was put together from many different people from around the world – some in different languages (see how many you can spot!). A simple song, but one which shows how we need to turn to the Lord for salvation.

Story 2 – Every Step

Be encouraged by this song; God is with us every step, as we share our faith.

Story 3 – Slingshot

We might face tough times in our lives, but God is more powerful than any challenges. This song references David’s fight against Goliath.

Story 4 – King of Me – Rend Collective

God not only has the power to slay giants, shut the mouths of lions or command the creatures of the deep, He can forgive us too, through the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the King of Kings!

Story 5 – Our God is a great big God

While today’s story is about the challenges faced by a small church, God is a great big God and He holds us in His hands. We don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

Story 6 – My Lighthouse

We might have many questions and difficulties, but whatever is thrown at us, we know that His truth will hold. Celebrate that God’s love will not let us go!

Story 7 – Go and make disciples

Today’s story from India shares Thomas’ desire to share the good news about Jesus to everyone he met. Today, God still calls us to go!

Story 8 – Who I am

Think how much God loves you today. This song highlights how God knows and loves us, and how we are all made to show God’s glory.

Story 9 – Help me be your hands Lord Jesus

How can our actions share God’s amazing love for people? Well, this noisy song asks for help to see where God’s love is needed.

Story 10 – Lift up your voice

This story/worksheet looks at the serious issue of sin. This song shares the wonderful news that ‘Our perfect Saviour died for our sin’ – and invites people to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and praise Heaven’s King.

Story 11 – This little light of mine

An old favourite set to a new beat. The story today highlights the way in which practical actions can draw people to the good news of Jesus – let our light shine, so that people can see the true Light of the World.

Story 12 – Hi 5

Today’s story is all about making a joyful noise to the Lord – this song is a high tempo song about waving your hands in the air, praising God!