Esther Townsend’s Story

“At last I have found a mother to love me!” is the cry of a 22-year-old man who has found purpose after a difficult childhood.

From leaving a children’s home as a six-year-old boy, to being placed in a boarding school by an uncle, Felix often felt abandoned and alone, but he focused on his further education, studying Game Management.

The Lord brought him into contact with mission worker, Esther, who was able to offer love and support. Through hard work and dedication, he excelled and, on a later placement during his studies, returned to familiar surroundings near the children’s home. He is a changed man, full of purpose and hope. Testament to his perseverance and courage, he was voted College President for 2019.

He is a changed man, full of purpose and hope

Success in the Kingdom of God is not measured by numbers, but the impact of the gospel in lives like this young man from North-Western Zambia.

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