Enris Nase’s Story

Enris, along with others, shares the freedom of Christ to more than 800 prisoners in an over-crowded Albanian jail.

Every week, Enris and other local believers read the Bible together with inmates and help them with spiritual issues. This is a challenging place in which to minister, and often hindered by bureaucracy. But in this tough environment, Enris and his team have seen people touched and transformed by the grace of God.

One prisoner in his thirties, sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, had never heard about the Saviour who ‘sets the captives free’. Through Enris’ ministry, this prisoner studied Scripture through the Emmaus course, and continues to read his Bible. He received the forgiveness of his sins, and now witnesses to other inmates in this harsh atmosphere.

“People that enjoy freedom outside bars, without Christ, are in the same situation as those who are behind bars. Only in Christ do we find true freedom from the bondage of sin: if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

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