Sisters Kathleen and Anita Keith-Gillon have a counselling ministry in Colombia, where people from all walks of life who are searching for hope and freedom receive answers and they come to know personally the One who is the Answer.

The puma tattoo

Milton’s* years in the paramilitary had left their mark. A grotesque tattoo, shaped like a big cat, stretched from his shoulder to his wrist. The puma was his protection. He told us that during the nights spent in planning the strategy of the next massacre he and his mates would hear the roar of his protector. He would sense its presence as it guarded the perimeter of their property.

Milton prayed and renounced his dependency on the puma’s protection. He now depends on the protection given by the blood of Jesus.

Satanic armour versus the armour of God

Milton also used satanic armour as his protection.

‘I’ve got armour on,’ he blurted out one day.

God had shown him what he was wearing. It had to come off piece by piece. In prayer he renounced the helmet of destruction and put on the helmet of salvation. The breastplate of ungodliness was replaced by the breastplate of righteousness. He exchanged the belt of deceit for the belt of truth; the footwear that spread sin was removed and he shod his feet with the gospel of peace. He discarded the snare of the hunter and took firmly in his hand the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Lastly, he renounced using the shield of anxiety and took up the shield of faith.

Freedom would be his when he believed

The curse

Milton then looked down at his hands.

He didn’t see his hands. He saw blood. Blood on his fingers, blood encrusted on his fingernails. He would do anything to be free from the terrible memories. He had shed blood, innocent blood.

Freedom would be his when he believed; when he believed Jesus was made a curse for us when He gave His life on the Cross. Milton believed and now enjoys the blessing of freedom.

*name changed to protect identity


  • for Colombia, which has been affected by violence between various groups over the years, and for those, like Milton, suffering trauma from conflict
  • for the poor in Colombia, especially in inner-city areas where many children live on the streets
  • for a government who will stand against corruption and the influence of drug cartels.