In recent years, China has seen a huge increase in believers, which now number more than communist party members. However, even as we give thanks for people coming to Christ, we are aware of difficulties that local believers are facing. Many churches have been closed or restricted in terms of worship, particularly unregistered or house churches.

Peter* is a key leader in our house church plant. He and another brother are candidates to be appointed as elders. Peter came to know the Lord when he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He prayed to the Lord for healing. God graciously healed him of his cancer without medication, without surgery; ever since he has faithfully devoted his life to the Lord’s work. We are grateful that God brought him to our fellowship and, the Lord willing, he will serve as one of the elders in the future.

*names changed to protect identities


  • for members of house churches in China, which are illegal and often targeted by the government, to meet safely
  • for leaders of China and communist party leaders to turn towards the one true God and acknowledge Him
  • for individual believers to know God’s comfort and guidance in the midst of suffering.

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