In a country with increasing restrictions and tightening of security against Christians, this story today shows God’s power to break through men’s schemes and plans.

Esther* lives in China. A few years ago, it was her first year as a student and she was excited to move to a new city.

She was studying a course at university entitled ‘Western Culture’, and as part of this course, she was given a Bible to study.

However, no sooner had she been given the Bible to read for her academic studies, the university was subject to a lock-down, due to a highly infectious disease spreading through the city.

For days no one was allowed to exit the university building and no one was allowed to come in.

And for days, Esther read the only thing she had to hand – the Bible.

And through Scriptures, she began to read about Jesus Christ and to understand a little of His sacrifice for her.

Locked in the university with her were some Chinese believers, who she met and talked with and they began to discuss the Bible. They had the privilege of leading her to the Lord, whom she loves and serves today.

*name changed to protect identity

And for days, Esther read the only thing she had to hand – the Bible.


  • for mission workers, as security tightens and visa requirements are getting more difficult to meet
  • for the Chinese church, who are strong at evangelism but need support to disciple Christians in their walk of faith
  • for students like Esther who come to faith at university, but who then go back to their home towns, where there is often no church or other believers to support them.