We pray for Cambodia today. This majority Buddhist country is a difficult place for Christians to live, and new converts often lose contact with their family and community.

My name is Heng Sok Leang,* a 21-year-old university student and the youngest of five. My mother sold vegetables and my father worked on a farm. My sisters made their living through a weaving business.

Ever since I was young, I faced family problems. My parents fought almost every night. I used to cry in secret in fear of my father’s violence. I felt helpless but couldn’t do anything. Sometimes, my mother and I had to flee to our neighbour’s house to hide from my father. I had dreadful fear every night because of my parents’ ongoing conflict.

I first started to go to church with my friend who told me about the free English classes offered there. I was invited to come to church services so my friend and I started to go to church.

I heard a Bible verse from Matthew 11:28 which said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” That’s when I started to seek God and told Him about my problems. However, I went to church for a long time without really knowing who Jesus Christ is. I read the Bible and kept listening to messages preached until I was in Grade 9a . After experiencing God answering my prayers when I had high school entrance exam, I fully put my trust in Him and was baptised.

While I was in high school, I decided to get a job to earn money for my studies. I started to backslide and got far from the Lord with the worries of this world. I worked night shifts since my family couldn’t support me. I thought I had to do all I could to help myself without trusting God. I started to get bad results at school and felt very lonely. Then I realized God loved and cared for me, and would not leave me alone. I repented for living without fully trusting in Him.

God taught me that I should not worry but seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness. I made time to go to church and teach Sunday school. Although I had difficulties in paying my way to university, I trusted God to meet my needs. I stopped worrying, knowing that God is powerful and gracious. Now all I want is to know Him more and give my life for His service and for the glory of God for the rest of my life.

Then I realized God loved and cared for me, and would not leave me alone

* name changed to protect identity


  • that Cambodian people who are under the bondage of traditional beliefs, growing materialism, and worldliness would find true hope and freedom in Jesus Christ
  • that Cambodian churches that are growing in number would be established through sound gospel preaching and Biblical teaching
  • for Cambodian believers to commit to Christ with strong conviction despite ongoing social pressure and misunderstanding from their surrounding communities.

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