Join us in Botswana this morning, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, as we read the story of a young woman searching for peace.

She sat at the back of the meeting.

The Christians were remembering the Lord in the breaking of bread on a Lord’s Day morning.  For weeks she had had Bible Studies with the young Christian woman who cared so much for her.  She had given up the gentleman who had stayed with her, she had made a stand against alcohol, she had turned away from the old habits but she did not yet have the new life in Christ that she was searching for, until the young man stood to pray.

It was a heartfelt prayer of thanks for the Saviour and it immediately touched her heart.

She went outside crying.

The young Christian woman followed her to comfort her.  At last she saw her need and asked the Lord Jesus to be her own Saviour and Friend.

What a joy this was.

That was 29 years ago, and her testimony has stood the test of time.  We praise God.


  • for stability and open doors to share the Gospel to continue in Botswana
  • for good Bible teaching and discipleship for church leaders and young believers
  • for the large percentage of people in Botswana affected by HIV and AIDS.

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