Our mission partners Heber and Fiona work in Argentina, evangelising, training, producing resources and church planting. Read how Luis and Isabel were reached by the gospel through their ministry.

Luis’ sister is a Christian and asked a man in her assembly if he knew of anyone who could visit her brother in Paraná. He called us to see if we could go.

We met Luis, aged 26 and Isabel, aged 23 for the first time on Saturday 18 May this year.

They have four children (two are his, one is hers and one in common).

They received us into their house and we were able to preach the gospel. Isabel gave her life to the Lord that very day, as she had some biblical knowledge but Luis didn’t know anything about Christianity, even who Adam and Eve, Moses, etc, were.

They both came along to our Family Service on Sunday and at the end Luis said to Heber: “I don’t understand much but this repenting and being saved seems important”. After talking for a while with Heber, Luis also accepted the Lord as Saviour.

They received us into their house and we were able to preach the gospel

Since May, we have visited them once a week with a Bible story, presenting different aspects of the Christian life.

They are reading the Scriptures and anxious to be obedient in baptism and serve in the church, but they realised they needed to be married first, so they got some dates in place:

20 December – civil wedding

21 December – ceremony in the church hall

22 December – baptisms (today)

All their idea!!

Another testimony of the Lord’s Grace, and a reminder that discipleship takes time but is worthwhile!


  • for Luis and Isabel, as they start their married life, get baptised today and commit their lives to the Lord together
  • for the Argentinian church leaders and elders, as they evangelise and disciple new believers
  • for the church, as they reach out to the many people in Argentina who are living in poverty, in city slums.

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