Anna Wilson’s Story

Anna took part in Echoes International’s gap year programme, FirstServe – a unique gap year programme for 18-25 year olds which helps expand young people’s experience of God through mission.

Anna began her FirstServe journey at Tilsley Bible College in Glasgow, Scotland. After spending a month studying the Bible and various ministries at the college, she served at Bethany City Church, Sunderland, England. She became part of church life there and helped in a number of activities, to explore her particular gifts and skills in a local context.

From there, Anna flew to Zambia where she served at the GLO Alive project in Ndola. She was involved in a number of projects in Zambia, the main one being a local orphanage in Ndola where she supported the children on a daily basis, helping them to learn English and teaching them about Jesus.

“I particularly felt convicted over the study on ‘Wealth and Possessions’ when seeing all the poverty around me in Zambia. This was very challenging for me, to see people who have nothing when we take so much for granted.”

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