An Ecuadorian Covid Story

An evangelical fellowship, ‘The Truth and the Life’ church in Quito, Ecuador received a sum of money from Echoes International’s Covid-19 relief fund, and were able to support 90 families in the city and further afield. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many families suffered the loss of loved ones, loss of work and a shortage of food and basic resources. As you can see from the images below, hampers were made up of essentials and provided to those in need.

An elder in a nearby church, Manolo, passed away after contracting the virus, leaving his widow and two children, both of whom have problems with developmental delay. One woman had serious health problems, thought to be cancer, and the family could not afford the cost of her treatment. Another church elder, who also works as a shoemaker, struggles to support his family.

These people, as well as many more, were supported practically by a church that is made up of people who take the Bible and their faith seriously, by showing kindness and care for those in need. Pray that they will continue to be a light in the darkness, particularly in these difficult circumstances.

…hampers were made up of essentials and provided to those in need

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