Today we read a testimony from Algeria, as told by Ali Arhab, founder and leader of Channel North Africa (CNA), a Christian TV station since 2001. In this mainly desert country, over 95% of the population are Muslim.

Ali: ‘When I met Samir,* it did not take long for us to get on well, since both of us share the same faith and hope in Christ. Samir’s testimony, which follows, stresses the power of the Holy Spirit in Algeria.’

Samir: ‘I had worked for many years in one of the largest cities in the country. At a routine medical check, I was diagnosed with cancer and was given only a couple of months to live. I was laid off with early retirement and was sent home. The doctors were unanimous in telling me that my days were short. My heart was restless, and I could not find peace. I had wished for and worked hard for a better life, but now my future awaited me dreadfully. I visited all the sorcerers and healers in the region, and I was ready to go anywhere to find hope for my life. I didn’t care about the cost if only I could find someone to heal me. I knew it was unrealistic, but I had to make room for hope or else I was already dead.

At home, I collapsed in the chair in front of the TV and there was a show on about Jesus. I was not particularly interested, but then a man called for people to receive salvation. I was ready to give my life to Jesus who can heal me.

With a desperate sigh, I gave Him this body, which had become a curse to me and to my family. I did not feel anything spectacular except my eyes, which seemed to be closed, were now open to a new way of perceiving things. An indescribable joy entered my life! I never considered being healed, but I seemed to have gained some authority to live and not fear even if I died in the next minute.

The first time I heard about Jesus, I didn’t understand. I thought He was too far away to be real or to reach out to me. That was the moment the Holy Spirit touched my heart and the emptiness turned into a full life. I was overflowing with joy, with peace, and with a great sense of being loved and cared for. It gave me a feeling that I was made better, even though I had cancer. I was lifted from a state of being dead to a new life. I did not know what to say, but I knew that I was given hope and happiness like I had never had before.’

The weakness I had in my flesh was lifted and did not feel the pain anymore. One week later, the doctors told me that I had nothing to worry about. I was not convinced until I did some other tests and checked with other doctors, but I was completely healed.’

I was overflowing with joy, with peace, and with a great sense of being loved and cared for

Ali: “Later on, Samir was summoned to get some inheritance papers from the court. When questioned about his name, surname, date of birth and occupation, Samir cheerfully replied that he was the Lord’s servant at a church. The judge, a woman who had never had an occupation described as a ‘servant of Christ’ before, asked for clarification. Samir went on to explain the way Christ intervened in his health and his life. The judge was moved, and could not wait to make Christ her Lord and Saviour. Praise Him for His wonderful grace!”

*name changed to protect identity


  • for the small group of Christian believers in Algeria, particularly from the Berber people, to have courage to share their faith with others
  • for the healing power of the gospel on people’s lives, and that more people like Samir would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ
  • for the ministry of CNA, which is looking for partners to pray and intercede for the work (2,000 individuals and a minimum of 25 churches to commit to pray and help CNA).

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