Today, join us in the Republic of Albania, in Southeastern Europe. Albania, which for many years was shut off from the rest of the world, is now more open.

Hello, my name is Bajram.* I was brought up in a Muslim home. As a teenager, I rejected Islam and became deeply involved in the Orthodox faith – in fact, my priest thought I had great prospects of becoming a priest.

However, through a friendship with a Christian on the internet, I was invited to attend an evangelical church while attending university.

After hearing the good news, I was saved and baptised this year.

I am serious about my faith, studying the Bible and my desire to serve the Lord.


  • for Albania, which was closed to the gospel for so many years due to communism, and give thanks for the people who are serving in Albania now that the country is more open
  • for more people to be reached with the saving news of Jesus Christ, in a country where nearly 70% of the population identifies as Muslim
  • for new Christians in Albania, who have come from families who are communist, atheist or Islamic in tradition.

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