Serving Churches

We are committed to building partnerships which offer support and guidance to local churches –
whether it be with existing relationships or new ones.

Minimising the Practical Barriers

Our objective is to help minimise the practical barriers that discourage people from getting involved in mission. Our experience in helping mission partners all across the globe means we’re dedicated to assisting local churches in the best way we can.

Advice & Support

We will always be by church leaders’ sides acting as a consistent source of advice & support. We will:

  • Provide specific advice to elders when they are approached by a potential mission partner, covering all the necessities – including preparation, issues involved in the process as well as managing expectations pre, during & post mission
  • Remain on hand continuously throughout to offer advice & help to elders should particular issues or concerns arise
  • In the spirit of partnership, we work alongside the church to provide pastoral care and debriefing support upon a mission partner’s return

Practical Help & Services

We are always looking to work collaboratively with local churches – sharing our knowledge and working together to get more people involved in mission. We can:

  • Host workshops, events & breakfasts covering a range of relevant topics to inform the church in the UK key world mission needs
  • Send Directors & Trustees to mission events at local churches to engage, inspire & encourage more people to get involved
  • Update & report back to local churches on the wonderful work being undertaken by God and mission partners across the world
  • Facilitate mission events or conferences with live updates from those serving in different countries, letting them share stories of what God is doing to build His church