Projects We Support

At Echoes International, we support specific projects going on around the world as well as individual mission partners.

Support for National Workers in Brazil

We’re supporting a Brazilian emerging mission group (similar to Echoes International) with their set-up to help spread God’s love in Brazil.

Support for the Bible Institute in Colombia

We’re providing support to help finance a further year of online courses, helping church elders and other leaders have a greater access to the Bible Institute.

Supplying Study Materials for Church Elders in Ecuador

We assist a project managed by Ecuadorian Christians to provide a pack of study books to 28 elders across the country followed by a year long mentoring programme.

Support for National Workers in India

We provide a biannual gift to a sister charity in India who help to co-ordinate the thousands of national workers preaching the Gospel across India. Our gift is used to help support these national workers financially.

Support for National Workers in Montenegro

We provide support to a number of Eastern European Christians involved in Evangelism across Montenegro who are helping spread the joy of God.

Support for National Workers in Myanmar

We provide support for indigenous evangelists and church planters reaching various ethnic groups across Myanmar.

Support for National Workers in Pakistan

We gift to the Bible Training Centre in Pakistan to support national workers in spreading God’s love and Word.

Support for the Bible Institute in Peru

We provide support to a network of Bible Institutes (which run across four locations on the coast, in the mountains and in the jungle) helping to expand their libraries and reduce student costs.

Support for National Workers in Peru

We support national workers through a mission group similar to Echoes International to help release Peruvian mission workers to reach other Peruvians.

Support for the Bible Institute in Spain

We send support to an online Bible Institute to help provide scholarships for students and therefore making the training open to a greater number of people.

Support for National Workers in Spain

We support a variety of ways in which church planting initiatives are taking place in Spain.

Support for National Workers in Zambia

We gift to the Brethren Missionary Trust of Zambia supporting national workers.

Support for New Italian Church Planters

We support new Italian church planters and evangelists coming into Christian service in Italy.

Support for New Church Planters in France

We support projects in France with the aim of bringing in new French church planters and evangelists into ministry.

Support for Church Planting Initiatives in Southern France

We support a church planting initiative in Southern France reaching students and preparing others for church planting.

Assisting Emerging Service Groups in Argentina

We support emerging service groups in Latin America, national workers in Argentina as well as the training and outreach of church leaders in Patagonia.

Support for Mobile Bible Training in Mozambique

We support the mobile bible training and equipping of church leaders in Mozambique helping spread the Word and work of God.

Support for training in Dominican Republic

We support the supply of bible study resources for church elders in the Dominican Republic, to support the growth of churches in this country. Read more about this project here.