Our Team

Serving Mission

A collaborative team with personal experience in mission as well as pastoral care.
Together we’re committed to enabling people called by God to get involved in mission.


Jim Armstrong

General Director

Matthew Pitts

Missions Director


Find out more about our different teams and what some of our staff have to say about their work.


Our communication team handles everything sent out to our supporters, including our monthly magazines, weekly prayer emails and daily social media. Echoes International also hosts conferences and events each year, sharing about the needs of mission.

“At Echoes International, I can serve the Lord by facilitating conferences, enabling many to hear first hand what God is doing all over the world”

– Nicola


One of our core functions is to facilitate the effective financial support of mission partners and organisations throughout the world. Churches and individuals can send gifts via Echoes International with 100% of the funds sent to the intended beneficiary.

“My abilities in accounting can help the growth of God’s kingdom, it’s so encouraging to hear what God is doing through His people worldwide.”

– Michelle

Member Care

At Echoes International, we recognise the need to offer help and support to those already on the mission field. Serving in a new culture, often away from family and friends can bring challenges, so we offer help in many practical ways.

“Pastoral care is a necessary part of the church, so those called to serve cross-culturally need support in this way as well.”

– Mike


Individuals who are called by God, and commended by their fellowship, to serve in cross-cultural mission can receive additional support they may need from our mobilisation team. Whether God is calling you short-term or long-term to serve, we can offer help.

Working with FirstServe has been an absolute blessing for me. Throughout my time coordinating this program, I have had the opportunity to learn a multitude of things. The most significant highlight for me is witnessing the genuine desire of young people to serve the Lord. It fills me with joy to see teenagers already planning to engage in mission work, utilizing their talents to serve the Lord, and even considering a gap year program to discern their future fields of study.

– Caron

Trustee Board

Simon Prince


David Brown

Paul Coxall

Sharon Durrant

Fiona McPhail

Nigel McQuoid

Stephen McQuoid

Board Member

Stephen Shaw

Alan Smith

Advisory Council

Nigel Allen | David Henderson | Dan Hubbard | Derek Malcolm | Andy Mayo | Alan Park | Sam Phillips | Judy Quelch | John Reid | Ewan Speedie