A Colombian Covid Story

As followers of Christ, involved in the lives of so many people, and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, your eyes are opened to see a need that exceeds your own.

Sisters Anita and Kathleen Keith-Gillon were given a sum of money from Echoes International to use during the Covid-19 crisis. Their question as they began to make a list of needy people was: ‘Lord, who?’ They were drawn to the people who were in desperate need, with no means to provide for themselves. Working with Christian voluntary community workers, they purchased groceries and made up food packages to deliver to people around the area of Armenia, enlisting the help of local police to distribute them.

The list continued. Bread winners out of work, a voluntary prison chaplain, single mothers … That left only one sum of money to give away. A Christian neighbour who is a Venezuelan refugee ‘happened’ to walk by Kathleen and Anita’s house. In conversation he mentioned he was hoping to re-open his fast-food stand, but that in order to comply with the strict health regulations, he had to make some expensive alterations – ‘Alex, the gift is for you!’

…your eyes are opened to see a need that exceeds your own

In serving those around them, these sisters displayed publicly and practically the love of Christ. While many live in fear of a tiny virus spreading throughout the world, people notice these small yet striking acts of love that stand out amidst the darkness.

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